The Medinfar Lab belongs to the Medinfar Group, a Portuguese pharmaceutical group founded in 1970 specialized in research and development, with a highly experienced team of scientists and researchers, with solid experience in pharmaceutical development of cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products.

We had science ...
We looked for nature

Balancing power and delicacy, origin and innovation, tradition with irreverence, Medinfar launched DVINE in 2017.

DVINE is born from the supreme inspiration of natural beauty, unique and pure vineyards grown on extensive terraced slopes in the Douro Valley.

In this region, the climate, the soil and an immense variety of native grape varieties harmonize with the work of man to produce grapes and wines exceptionally rich in Polyphenols, Flavonoids and Tannins, full of antioxidants, nutrients that take the skin and soul to the perfection of young beauty.

A selective Portuguese cosmetic brand that combines in an innovative way the purity of biological assets with the performance of anti-aging ingredients. Truly rich and effective products, focused on the youth of the skin.