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As a living organ, the skin has complex needs that are known to change as we mature and even during the day. Sleep, diet and exposure to environmental aggressions play their part in promoting premature aging, with an important emphasis on exposure to the Sun, the main environmental factor that accelerates skin aging.

The change in The nature of skin needs in the short and long term means that the skin can be seen beyond a static condition, that is, as oily, normal or dry.

Thus, DVINE products Most of them are formulated taking into account the needs of the skin and can be recommended according to the preferences of each consumer and the condition that most concerns her: luminosity, hydration, nutrition or global anti-aging action.

They are customizable products that can be personally adjusted to the current requirements of the skin, without the type of skin or even the age being the main criteria to be taken into account.

To make this explanation clearer, we give an example:

I must clean my skin with G el Cleansing with Bio Grape Floral Water or Cleansing Milk with Grape Grain Oil Bio? The choice will depend on your preference: whether you like to clean your face with water or if you like to clean with cotton.

But it does not depend on your skin type. Both can be used on any skin type. The Floral Water Cleansing Gel will not dry out dry skin nor will milk make oily skin more oily. It just happens that, mixed or oily skins tend to prefer cleaning with surfactants that foam and give a feeling of purifying freshness when washing the face and, in turn, drier skins tend to prefer cleaning without water, to avoid the feeling of tugging, which usually represents the use of a more emollient product that gives comfort, namely the Cleansing Milk with Grape Seed Oil.

Another criterion of choice may be if you put on makeup or not. To remove make-up, we advise milk, since emulsifying make-up with water, making foam, is always a less controllable ritual and the use of water may cause it to inadvertently get product into the eyes, for example.

Because they are all formulated taking into account the multiple needs of aged skin, as the skin ages every day and it is impossible to escape premature aging, accelerated by the environment, especially by exposure to UV radiation.

Therefore, the core assets of DVINE are grape derivatives, rich in antioxidants that express their anti-aging properties by themselves and in the synergistic association with performance ingredients strategically added to each of the formulas, in view of the final result, in terms of effectiveness, without neglecting the sensory experience.

No, our products are not tested on animals, they are 100% cruelty-free. We also make sure that our suppliers fulfill the same requirement.


The most intuitive part will be recycling the carton, but in addition, we like to mention that it is already made with FSC paper, from sustainable forests. See the symbol for this certificate at the bottom of each carton.

In addition, 8 of the 14 references in the range are presented in airless glass bottles and are fully recyclable.

When the contents of the bottle are finished, you can detach the screw pump that will bring a packaging bag where the product was packed and recycle, together with the transparent plastic cap. The outer painted glass bottle separates from everything else and can be recycled into the glass.

In addition to this aspect of recycling, which is extremely important, we highlight the technology of these bottles from DVINE - TAG system - Techno Airless Glass System.

These bottles combine the beauty of a glass package with the efficiency and technical and functional advantages of an airless dispenser that ensures that the product never contacts the air or with oxygen, preserving the initial and integral quality of the formula throughout the shelf life.

The total absence of air inside the package contributes to the conservation of the formula, ensuring its stability even without parabens and without exaggerated amounts of other synthetic preservatives.

The filling system in the bag inside the bottle and the suction form also allows the product to be used practically all, without waste and losses in the bottle walls or on the background.