What micellar water is / what it is used for?

Micellar waters are formulations, usually simple and very gentle to the skin, which are presented in the form of a solution and contain micelles as microscopic cleaning agents. They are used as a make-up remover or daily cleanser and do not require rinsing.

They appeared in the 1990s in France, as a solution to the problems associated with hard water, and have since won the preference of consumers because they are very practical and versatile products, since they do not require rinsing and give a toning sensation, while promoting a purifying but gentle cleansing.

DVINE’s Bio Grape Floral Micellar Water, is a practical, effective and gentle cleansing care. The micelles absorb impurities, pollution residues, excess oil and make-up, maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier. Composed of mild surfactants, it is perfectly compatible with all skin types, including the most sensitive. Rich in Bio Grape Floral Water, moisturising and invigorating. With Epilobium and Cucumber extracts, which balance and purify the skin, and soothing Chamomile. Clean, toned skin regains comfort and freshness.